Museum Pass and Turin+Piemonte Card owners are eligibile for free admission for the National Museum of Cinema and for the application of the concession fee for the Panoramic Lift ascent.

In order to benefit from these special prices you will need to make two separate reservations for the National Museum of Cinema and the Panoramic Lift ascent, via the boxes below, selecting for the National Museum of Cinema the entry “Museum Free Admission Convention – Museum Pass/Turin+Piemonte Card” and for the Panoramic Lift the entry “Panoramic Lift Concession Convention – Museum Pass/Turin+Piemonte Card

Museum Passes and/or Turin Cards will be registered on the day of your visit at the ticket office, where the tickets purchased online will be unlocked and made valid for admission.

We suggest to make a reservation for the Panoramic Lift ascent 30 minutes earlier than the time slot selected for the National Museum of Cinema Admission.

National Museum of Cinema Admission + Temporary Exhibition

One of the world’s most important of its kind thanks to its valuable heritage, the National  Museum of Cinema is located inside the Mole Antonelliana, a landmark monument and symbol of Turin. What makes it a truly unique museum is its unusual setup, which spirals up inside upwards through several Read all

90min Average

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Panoramic Lift Admission

A vertical, 59-second ride takes visitors to the Panoramic Terrace, located 85 meters up and offering an extraordinary view of the city and surrounding sweep of the Alps. NOTE: IMPORTANT NOTE: Admission to the National Museum of Cinema and the Panoramic Lift is allowed only in compliance with the health-related Read all
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